At Rebound Prosthetics, maximizing your quality of life is our top priority. Our experienced staff works closely with you and your physicians to understand and meet your individual needs. We employee state-of-the-art technology and the latest innovations to ensure that you receive the best prosthetic or orthotic solution possible.

Please don’t simply take our word for it though—our patients’ testimonials say it so much better than we ever could. 






Chris launched Rebound Prosthetics in the fall of 2004 because he identified a need for a different type of care in the orthotic and prosthetic community. He was dissatisfied with the lack of attention to each patient’s specific and individual needs in the larger corporate facilities and he knew there had to be a better way to help people. One of the things Chris enjoys most about Rebound is that as a privately owned and operated practice, he is afforded the opportunity to focus on the patients’ needs ahead of maximizing profits.

Chris began his career with a Bachelors of Science in Health Administration/Business Administration and a minor in Zoology and chemistry from Eastern Illinois University as well as an Orthotic and Prosthetic degree from Cal State. From there he headed to Chicago to complete his residency. During his residency, he oversaw four offices as the primary prosthetist and served at several clinics at Children's Memorial Hospital.

With over 15 years of experience as a prosthetist, Chris has worked in a variety of settings ranging from small practices to hospitals. He has cared for infants to the elderly, weekend warriors, to Paralympic athletes. Chris is certified in today's advanced technologies and says, “I’ve learned that there is no single solution to any one problem. Creativity combined with experience will lead to positive outcomes. I have seen many changes over the years, but the one constant is the need for commitment to patient care.”

At Rebound, Chris and his team believe in a multi-disciplinary collaboration with all those involved in your rehabilitation. By working closely with your physician, physical therapist and occupational therapist, Chris has the same goal for every patient he meets—to maximize your functional independence and help you live a life that isn’t limited by your artificial limb or orthopedic brace. 


Practice Manager 


Molly, a former teacher of troubled children and those with special needs, brings with her an enormous amount of management and organizational skills to Rebound.  She is the primary person for staff to approach with any issues as well as helping Chris run the day-to-day operations.  Her primary role involves all aspects of daily practice management, employee, operational and financial management.  Molly maintains the financial integrity of the company and is a great resource when you have questions about managing your health care issues.




Heather is the friendly voice you hear on the other end of the phone when you call Rebound, and the first person you see when you arrive for your appointment. Heather is originally from New York, and moved to Colorado in 2013. She has almost a decade of experience as a medical administrative assistant. She started out at Albany Medical Center in New York in 2007, where she worked for the Neurology department for six years. She took on a lot of extra duties and received a promotion to the lead administrative assistant for the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center. In 2013, she moved to Colorado where she worked as a lead administrative assistant for an orthopedic oncologist office, for about three and a half years. As you can see, Heather has adequate experience and is more than happy to help each and every patient that comes to Rebound. She has a passion for her work and the patients. Heather brings a positive attitude to the practice and will be your contact person if you have questions regarding your bill, scheduling, and general issues concerning your overall care coordination.



Michael began working with the team at Rebound in May of 2019. He brings a diverse background in fitness and rehabilitation to the field of prosthetics, and believes in a team-centered approach for patient care. Michael has had the unique opportunity to work with active members of the armed forces at the Brooke Army Medical Center and enjoys the inherent challenges that come with fitting high activity patients.

Before beginning his career in prosthetics and orthotics Michael received his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from Ohio University. He found his passion for prosthetics while working as Strength and Conditioning Coach for a sports medicine clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. From there Michael moved to Dallas to attend the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center and earn his Master’s in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Michael completed his residency at a combination of hospital and clinical settings in Dallas and Denver before becoming an ABC certified Prosthetist/Orthotist. His move to Denver in 2017 was driven by his passion for the outdoors and desire to help patients achieve their highest level of functional activity and live life to their full potential. Michael believes it is important to remain up to date to with the latest prosthetic technology and make sure his patients feel that they have an active role in the decision process of their prosthetic componentry. 

 “The blend of art and science is what makes the field of prosthetics both interesting and challenging. Each patient poses his or her own unique case that can be viewed as like a puzzle. Creating the perfect socket fit, finding the best prosthetic components, and educating the patient in using their prosthesis are parts of achieving the greatest possible outcomes, and what continues to make this field exciting and ever changing.”  -Michael Winters




Tres brings a life long passion for prosthetics to Rebound along with creativity and a unique knowledge of problem solving in all situations.  He welcomes any challenge and approaches them in a very calculated manner so as to work through all the issues until an acceptable outcome is reached.  His pleasant demeanor and welcoming presence affords a comfortable environment.  

Tres started his first job as a prosthetic technician at the age of sixteen after being introduced to the industry by a childhood friend who was an amputee.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University and obtaining his prosthetic education from California State University to become an ABC certified Prosthetist.  After working in Texas and Washington, Tres moved to Denver in 2010 in order to regularly work with a wide range of complex patients including athletes, upper extremity, multiple limb amputations and pediatrics.  He is certified in the C-leg knee, Rheo knee, I-limb hand, B-bionic hand, Michelangelo hand and many other new prosthetic systems in including vacuum suspension systems.  His experience has allowed him to build prosthetics for Para-Olympic athletes and work with adaptive sports programs in the Rocky Mountains.     

“ I can’t believe I have a career where I get to be creative, innovative and change peoples lives.  I still wake up every day looking forward to helping a patient take that first step.” -Tres Wright


Matt Caswell,

Matt joined the Rebound family in early 2015, becoming our lab manager in February 2017.   Originally from the automotive upholstery and electronics industry, he is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in many diverse areas.  Along with his creativity, ingenuity and attention-to-detail, Matt has elevated our manufacturing processes and quality to a new level, andbecome an invaluable member of our team.  He is often referred to as the "Wizard behind the curtain" because, as few realize, he is responsible for fabricating all of our devices and we could not do what we do without him.