Testimonials — See what our patients are saying about us. 

I first met Chris in the recovery room after just having gone through the amputation of my left leg. I was not the happiest person in the world at that moment, but Chris was very conscientious and compassionate. These qualities have carried through to this day. He has a personality which
makes you feel very comfortable and reassured that things are going to okay and your life will get better.

Now, I am back to living my life and enjoying my walks with my husband and our dog...and I have to say thanks to McKinley for making our visits even more enjoyable!
Rebound has made a big difference in my quality of life. I now have a prosthetic device that is reliable and allows me to lead a normal active life style. Rebound provides a level of quality that I was unable to find with some of the larger organizations.

Chris is very knowledgeable and has a keen eye for detail. His problem solving skills have made a world of difference in how my prosthetic fits and functions. In my opinion Chris has gone beyond what is expected. He is flexible and has not hesitated to meet in emergency situations, he really gets involved with what I want to physically accomplish and has provided solutions to help me meet those goals.
I have been seen by almost all the prosthetists in town and have not had the outcomes I desired. I have been told I have a very difficult limb to accommodate, and I lead a very active lifestyle. Skin breakdown has always been an issue. I was getting pretty down about my situation, but Chris said he had a couple ideas to try if I was interested.

Long story short, I have never imagined I would have this comfortable of a fit and be able to lead the lifestyle I do. Chris’ creative approach and willingness to get it done right are matched by no other.